Amidst the recent controversies battering the country’s immunization program, the major leaders of the professional medical societies under the banner of the Philippine Medical Association, strongly express that we:

Reiterate our full support to the DOH, under its present leadership, as the primary stewards and guardians of our people’s health, but it alone cannot fully achieve the enormous task of confronting the various challenges in the health sector;

Stand, unwaveringly, behind the efforts of the DOH to rebuild the public’s trust in our health institutions battered by a crisis in its immunization program;

Will partner with the DOH and other stakeholders in launching a massive information campaign in our respective communities to reduce the misinformation and hysteria;

Call for sobriety among all stakeholders in the healthcare industry so that we can move as one with the aim of contributing our respective shares in improving the health of our people;

Enjoin all sectors of society to unite to ensure the successful realization of all the health programs of government;

Pledge to our people the strengthening of collaborative efforts between the private and public sectors by improving the referral system aimed to achieve a seamless healthcare delivery network;

The lessons learned from our experiences should provide a better opportunity for all of us to translate into action the “all of government, all of society, and all of system approach” in providing health for all our people.


February 08, 2018