In consideration of the financial difficulties being faced by some of our colleagues that have resulted in accumulation of unpaid annual dues and the fact that some members will not be able to settle their arrears even through discount programs, the Philippine Medical Association continues to provide all its members all reasonable means necessary for settlement of accumulated unpaid annual dues and further reach out to our members who may be having financial difficulties that hinders them from settling their arrears. To help these affected members to restore their active status in PMA, we are pleased to announce the PMA Amnesty Program 2018.

PMA Amnesty Program 2018 is a large-scale amnesty program to encourage indebted members to come back to the fold and become active PMA members. This program is made available to all PMA members who have arrears but have not availed of amnesty in the past. A member may avail of amnesty only once throughout his/her PMA Membership. The PMA Amnesty Program 2018 waives all PMA National arrears from 2016-17 and earlier, provided the 2017-18 and 2018-19 PMA National and component society dues are paid in full.

Attached to this Memorandum Circular are the following: (Click form to open and download)

  1.  Application Form PMA Amnesty Program 2018
  2. PMA Membership Form
  3. Template of Endorsement Letter to the PMA Secretary General

The Application Form for PMA Amnesty Program 2018 and the PMA Membership Form, may be reproduced, sent, and printed out by the component society to concerned members. These forms shall be filled out by the member availing of amnesty and returned to his/her component society. The deadline of submission of application for amnesty to component society is on September 29, 2018. We request all component societies to actively reach out and encourage affected members who can benefit from this amnesty because these members may have become too out of touch from PMA and therefore inactive. The following schedule is to be observed:

  • August 1, 2018 – Start of application of members for amnesty to the component society. The component society collects, records, and documents all applications for amnesty and their membership forms.
  • September 29, 2018 – Deadline of submission of application forms for amnesty and membership forms to the component society.
  • October 1-8, 2018 – The application forms, membership forms, and endorsement letter; addressed to the PMA Secretary General, Benjamin M. Alaban, MD; are to be sent to PMA Office by the component society.
  • October 13, 2018 Board of Governors Meeting – The PMA Secretary General presents the names of applicants for amnesty to the Board and recommended for approval. The indebtedness of a member to the Association is waived by a majority vote of the Board of Governors. Once approved by the Board, the component society is informed of the approval. The component society informs the member of the approval for amnesty and the component society can start collection of 2017-18 and 2018-19 PMA National and component society dues from those members approved of amnesty.
  • November 29, 2018 – Deadline of payment of 2017-18 and 2018-19 PMA National and component society dues by members availing of amnesty to their component society.
  • December 28, 2018 – Deadline of payment remittance of 2017-18 and 2018-19 PMA National dues to PMA Office by the component society.

After approval by the Board and payment of 2017-18 and 2018-19 PMA National and component society dues, the member is reinstated. The component society informs the member of reinstatement and reminds him/her of the gradual restoration of mutual aid benefits, election rights and membership privileges after availing amnesty. After a successful availment of PMA Amnesty Program 2018, the following restoration of benefits, rights and privileges shall apply:

  • Mutual Aid Benefits (Death, Disability & Legal Aid): Suspended for the first fiscal year (2019-20) following the fiscal year of reinstatement (2018-19). Reinstated members by special order or amnesty shall receive Death and Disability Aid Benefits as follows:
    1. Within the 1st year of reinstatement (2019-20), no benefit.
    2. Within the 2nd year of reinstatement (2020-21), 25%.
    3. Within the 3rd year of reinstatement (2021-22), 50%.
    4. Within the 4th year of reinstatement (2022-23), 75%.
    5. Within the 5th year of reinstatement (2023-24), 100%.
  •  Right to vote and be voted upon: Suspended for the first fiscal year (2019-20) following the fiscal year of reinstatement (2018-19), however to qualify to run for National Office a member must be in good standing for 5 consecutive years following reinstatement, or not earlier than 2025-26.
  • Eligibility for Life Membership: To be eligible for life membership, a member needs to have continuous, uninterrupted payment of dues for 10 years from the year of reinstatement (2018-19). May be eligible for Life Membership on 2029-30 provided he continues to be in good standing after amnesty availment.

The usual requirements for availing the above benefits, rights and privileges shall apply.

Membership to PMA is valuable and beneficial. The amnesty program is offered in good faith to concerned members in exchange for being responsible members through timely payment of annual dues and becoming a PMA member in good standing after availment of amnesty.

Since no amnesty program can be declared within five years from the date the General Assembly last approved an amnesty, we request everyone to give their best efforts in informing our members especially our inactive members who will benefit from the PMA Amnesty Program 2018 so they can take this precious opportunity to come back to the fold of the PMA. 



Benjamin M. Alaban, MD
Secretary General

Jose P. Santiago Jr., MD

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