PMA Leadership Directions (SY 2011-2012)

PMA Leadership Directions
(SY 2011-2012)

  • Promote the involvement and participation of the membership in organizational affairs;
  • For the PMA to serve as a Guardian in protecting the rights, restoring and upholding the dignity, uplifting the pride and mending the difficulties and challenges facing the Filipino physician and the medical profession;
  • Tool for connecting people and medium for exchange of views and bridging of ideas to attain unity and harmony;
  • Push the standards of the Association to regain the trust, confidence and love of  our people and the patients we serve;
  • To be conscious and proactively act and respond to prevailing local, global, political, social environments;
  • Promote fellowship, camaraderie and understanding among ourselves.
  • Use the collective wisdom , knowledge, skills, experience of the more than 100 years of the PMA’s existence.


  1. Membership Development and Benefits
  2. Competency Building and Professional Development
  3. Organizational, Resource and Infrastructure Development
  4. Unification and Networking
  5. Fiscal Stability and Financial Independence
  6. Socio-Civic, Environmental and Other Advocacies
  7. Legislative and Political Agenda
  8. Fellowship , Sports and Health Activities

Membership Development and Benefits

  • Identify, understand problems and provide solutions to competency, capability, resource availability and environment;
  • Philhealth benefit enhancement
  • Implementation of Magna Carta for Healthcare Workers
  • Salary Standardization
  • Mutual Aid Fund

Competency Building and Professional Development

  • Observe Medical Ethics and Standard Patient Care
  • Strengthen CME
    • CME On Line
    • Referral system must work
    • Define levels of competency of specialties

–      MRA

–      PhilHealth Accreditation

–      PRC Circulars 1 and 2, Series of 2010

Competency Building and Professional Development

–      RA 2382 (Medical Act of 1959) and RA 8991 (PRC Modernization Act of 2000), mandate the PRC to:

  • Standardize, Supervise, Monitor, Control and Regulate the practice of the profession;
  • Adopt measures to enhance the profession

                - Reiteration for PMA as APO

                - Mandatory membership to the PMA

                - PMA membership as a requirement for renewal of License

                - License and certificate of registration does not give a physician the blanket license to practice all fields of

               specialization of medicine, thus the need to undergo training and certification as specialist in the recognized

               specialization of the PMA

Competency Building and Professional Development

  • Develop PMA - CPG Clearing House
  • Strengthen and promote research as basis for national consensus guidelines for evidence based medicine
  • Recognition of emerging specialties and disciplines, i.e., Division on Public Health Medicine, General Medicine, etc.
  • Determination of manpower distribution
  • Encourage selective training of specialists based on geographical specialty necessity
  • Augment competency of Generalists in the context of specialization
  • PMA Constitutional Amendment

Organizational, Resource and Infrastructure Development

  • Professionalize manpower staff by training, review of tasks and compensation
  • PMA Computerization
    • Database management
    • Electronic Financial Transactions
    • Membership Processing
    • Adjudication of Claims
    • Documentation and Data Retrieval
    • Information Dissemination thru Web Portal
    • Linkage to Local and International Partners and Specialties
    • Interactive CME on-line
    • Public Access to Health Information
    • Electronic Medical Record

PMA Web Address

Socio-Civic , Environmental and Other Advocacies

  • Pursue efforts and involvement in promoting advocacies on health, i.e., Anti-cigarette Smoking, Support DOH-AO on Graphic Presentation of Ill effects of smoking on cigarette packs, AO on Supplements,  breast feeding, environmental advocacies, etc.
  • Strengthening/Creation of Disaster Management and Preparedness Programs
  • Indigency Center

Socio-Civic , Environmental and Other Advocacies

  • Tree Planting
  • Blood donation program
  • Anti-cigarette smoking advocacy
    • PMA Resolution vs Cigarette Smoking for Physicians
  • Breast Feeding advocacy
  • Seat Belt advocacy
  • Anti Drug Program – “Iwas Musmos”
  • Patient Safety Advocacy

Political and Legislative Agenda

  • Support programs, issuances, orders or bills for a safer, stronger and secured practice of medicine and oppose bills that are detrimental to the practice of medicine and the health of our people.

–      Physicians Act of 2011

  • PMA Integration
  • Recognition of Specialties
  • Medical Curriculum Amendment

–      Patient’s Right Bill

Fellowship, Sports and Health Activities

  • PMA Foundation Day
  • Medicine Week
  • Health promotion

–      Fun Runs

–      Badminton Tournaments

–      Golf Tournaments

  • 1ST PMA President’s PMA Cup

–      Bowling Tournaments

–      Dance Sports Competition

  • Doctor’s Ball
  • Fellowship activity in conventions, meetings or congresses